Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Time, a Daisy and His Designs

On a jaunt down the lane in the mountains by our cabin, Blossom1 delightedly discovered this exquisite bloom.  We both reveled in its jewel-like quality after the gentle rain that soaked the little hollow where our homey log cabin is nestled. 

Taking a moment to appreciate the water droplets on a "common daisy" may seem like a waste of time in our fast-paced, always going somewhere society.  I can't say enough how important these moments are.  You know my number one reason for experiencing nature is to draw closer to and truly realize the vast power and majesty of our Creator.  While the Blossoms may not remember every Mommy sermon I've ever preached to them, the indelible image of God's complex designs and His remarkable miracles of nature will be forever branded in their minds and spirits. 

Halting the pace of life to soak in these moments is a gift I endeavor daily to give to the Blossoms.  It's the quantity time with them.  It's me being there, side by side, to discover the daisy, to express amazement over the glittering pebbles and to marvel over the spotted salamanders.  It's me surrendering "my" time for His purposes. 

Stop a second, step forward and revel with yours over a "common daisy."