Friday, June 3, 2016

These Summer Days

Summer days...
These days, I pray, think and write in my journal in the early mornings, sometimes alone, sometimes with the Littles. 

These days, I spend more time with my family, for lunch, for meadow jaunts and for playground romps.

These days, I say yes more often, even to the "I want to make a rabbit front-pack carrier and I need duct tape" requests.
These days, I relish the toothless 6 yr old comments, surprisingly intelligent 8 and 10 yr old thoughts and the curious questions of a 3 yr old blond pixie.

These days, I marvel at how big the Blossoms are and how much personality they have. 

These days, I relish the faithfulness of a Rugged Mountain Man.  Together we savor the dusky stillness and the critters' praise to the Creator.  With the much heralded appearance of the first lightning bug, we can now say,

"This is summer."