Thursday, October 22, 2015


Definition of Motherhood:

The state of checking for food or various stains upon one's clothing before venturing into public situations. 


The creativity of knowing appropriate responses for when a not quite feeling up to par toddler answers all comments, questions and requests with a vehement "NO!" 

All joking aside, motherhood is such a sanctifying season of life.  My character has been tested on so many levels, so much more than it was tested when I worked at the World's Weather Leader.  I believed in practical Christianity then; in living what I believe, in being there, what I was at home. 

Being what I am at home, while I am at home, is so much tougher.  Is that strange to say?  Or, even to think?  My Christianity is so much more brutally honest here.  I feel like it's Christianity with all the layers, facades and excuses stripped away.  I very often identify with Eustace Scrubb, as Aslan peels away the layers of Eustace's dragon skin.  (read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by CS Lewis, if you don't know what I'm referring to.  It's my favorite chapter.) 

I often feel raw, with nothing to hide behind, like everyone can see the real me, and it isn't always pretty.  I am very frequently humbled, humbled by how much more room there is for growing in my life.   But I still try to be real. 

There's nothing wrong with realizing how far you have to go;
just so you go to the right place.

Those humble, raw times should point me right back to finding strength to live a holy life in and through Christ.