Friday, October 9, 2015

Magic Eraser Tour

Hey friends,

I've got a little tip for you today.  You know I love magic erasers and the wonders they perform. 

Every now and again, I will take a "Magic Eraser" tour through the house.  (or, I'll stick one of the older Blossoms on the task.)  Here's my challenge:

Grab your Magic Eraser and spend ten minutes on a Magic Eraser Tour through your habitation.  You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish.  Everything looks a little brighter and tidier afterward.


- Tackle the scuff marks and finger prints around your doorways and doors.  Unless you have super flat paint, you'll be happy you did.  (And, I have a little bit of flat paint on a few walls.  I magic erase the super bad marks anyway.  I'd rather get rid of the really nasty dirt than preserve the paint.)

- Take charge of the switch plates in bathroom, kitchen and beyond.  Smudgy finger prints don't stand a chance.  (If you don't have yucky finger print marks on your switch plates, I don't know what to say.  Do your kids really live in your house or do they live in a tent out back?)

- Destroy scuff marks on your linoleum floors and bathtubs.  Yes, I have scuff marks on my master bathtub.  Why?  It's a super deep soaking tub that is highly entertaining to younger Blossoms while Mommy and the Rugged Mountain Man are getting ready for church or brushing our teeth or something.  So, yes, scuff marks in the bath tub. 

- Obliterate stubborn marks on your white boards!  There's always that film left behind after erasing a white board... I just go over it quick with a damp magic eraser and then a dry rag.  All set to go again!

- Restore desk surfaces to tidy and pretty again.  Markers, crayons, pencils and pens rarely stay only on the paper.  Periodically, I wipe the Blossoms' desk surface and breathe a happy sigh when it all looks as pretty as it did on the first day of school. 

- Wipe out the grime that accumulates on the top, sides and front of your washer and dryer.  The sparkly clean will make you smile, even when throwing another load in!

- Eradicate greasy smudges on your range hood and oven door and handles. 

So, lasso your Magic Eraser and get to it!