Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Oddities of Rustic Parenting

I've been wondering...

Is it an educational win or a parenting fail if our daughter is using the phases of an insect's life for name-calling purposes?  ("You, you, you... PUPA!!!!!")


Should families with rabbits ever let their children have raisins for a snack?  (Those little brown things look an awful lot like.... rabbit poop.  And now I'm finding them all.over.the.house.)

Why doesn't a triple batch of applesauce last three years like it used to?  #whatwillidowhentheyareteens

If "starts-off-purple-but-dries-clear-glue" dries clear on the carpet, do I still have to clean it off?

How long will it take for someone to draw on the brand new huge school room white boards?  Answer: 1 month, 7 days and 15 hours, to be exact



What would happen if rabbit hopping was an Olympic sport?

Laugh, friends.  It makes parenting WAY more fun.  :)