Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Children's Garden

Amidst the last vestiges of summer, we took a field trip.  After checking out a Mineral Science Museum that was a bit smaller than in times past (ahem, my childhood), we headed over to the Children's Garden in the Arboretum.  This turned out to be the highlight of the outing.  There was beauty everywhere. 

The Blossoms loved it so much that they want to take their cousins there on a playdate next summer.

Someone used their imagination in this garden's design.  Everything was meant to be touched and played with.  This walk-through cave has stalactites, bats (that are not real) and an indoor sand area. 

So many little nooks for imaginative play!

Though I dislike fairies for the magic (and immodesty) they represent, I do love a good fairy garden.  All things miniature appeal to the Blossoms' in a little BIG way!

I wonder if these beans are edible?  (My feeding a family of six mind was jumping at the possibilities of the meals you could make with a bean that was this long!!!)

Though I couldn't share the pics of the uber-popular water table, complete with an old-time and working hand pump (too many joyous smiling faces), I had to snag a pics of Blossom3's boots... plop 'em on the ground and "dive" right into the water play.

I'm a sucker for Black Eyed Susans.


It should be noted that my Blossom were all set to wade in the Lily Garden.  It was NOT a part of the Children's Garden.  Hence, wading was frowned upon.  Funny, the black water was a major deterrent for me.  Not so for the Blossoms.  Apparently, Water = IN   

And the Rose garden... I LOVE roses!!! 

The Blossoms were ecstatic...

Sometimes the off-the-cuff moments turn out to be the best.

I love doing things with the Blossoms - even if socks get a little damp and little ones start to get tired.  It's worth it.  And thank God for a beautiful day.