Wednesday, September 16, 2015

10 Reasons Why I'm the Best Woman for the Job

Are you tiptoeing around, hoping people won't ask the controversial questions?  Don't.

Today, I'm unabashedly sharing the reasons why I am most definitely the woman for this (homeschooling) job.

#1 - God gave these children to the Rugged Mountain Man and me.  Ultimately we are responsible for their life education.  Rather than worry about who we entrust this responsibility to, We'd rather just do it. 

#2 -  I have grace to homeschool.  We feel like homeschooling is something God wants us to do. Therefore, God gives grace (power, energy, perseverance, diligence and so much more) to do the thing He wants us to do in a way that pleases Him. 

#3 - I am these children's most important social relationship.  How they relate to me (and the Rugged Mountain Man) determines their developing and future levels of self esteem, security, respect and so much more.   Peer relationships are not paramount to success in life, though they will have healthy peer relationships as a result. 

#4 - I instantly adapt to learning styles.  If a concept is being explained one way, benefiting one learning style but not another, I change it up.  No learner is left behind.  Just call me the learning style chameleon. 

#5 - I give immediate feedback.  We see a problem, a bad attitude, an incorrect mindset or more practice needed and I taken action at once.  No emails, notes, phone calls, texting or delays necessary.  Just action.

#6 - I teach my children what they need to know.  Not what society says they need to know (like the importance of recycling or same sex relationships).  No.  What they really need to know.  Like Christian education and the Three R's... now there's a concept.  Going to school to learn the Three R's. 

#7 - I teach my children what they want to know.  Ask a question and open a can a worms... a beautiful can of worms.  They are curious and we go with it. 

#8 - I am educated enough to teach my children.  I worked hard in school, supervised by an energetic, intelligent, let's-figure-it-out, it-can't-be-that-hard kind of mother.  I know how to find resources and use them to our advantage.  Yes, I have a college education (a certificate of Theology, to be exact).  Universities who tout their child psychology turn out unstable weirdos who know far less about real life education than I do.  I meet our state's requirements for teaching our children, but more importantly, I meet God's requirements for educating them.  Our children and I will walk this journey together and it will continue to be a good, good thing. 

#9 - I am a quality teacher.  I don't put up with crap.  I don't worry about what kind of teacher they're getting this year.  I'm it.  I require respect, correct grammar, neat work and a good attitude.  Why?  Because quality and attitude matters.

#10 - I'm organized.  God has given me a gift, or a love, of order.  Additionally, I strongly hold to the belief that to do what God wants in a way that pleases Him, I should do it with excellence - to the best of my ability.  So, yes, I am organized and that helps us homeschool with excellence. 

Unapologetically, I believe I am the best woman for this job.  This is my call for other homeschool mothers to stand up and be confident in the call God has placed upon your life.  Don't apologize.  Don't waver.  Don't pander.  Just stand up, smile and homeschool another day.

To God be the glory.