Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Little Home Tour

Open your Pinterest app and type in "home tour," and you'll find all the ways your home and your life are severely lacking.  (read with sarcasm.)  While most of us could amp up our style or our lives here and there, it isn't a need, as in a "need" to eat or something likewise vitally important. 

And yet, there are things in every home that are truly lovely and simply beautiful. 

Things that we treasure, items we value.

Vignettes that tell a story, a story of a happy little home.

Carpet, dingy from the feet of four beautiful Blossoms and several four-footed family members that lope, hop and otherwise traverse our living space.  Fingers that fashion a puzzle, a craft and such are busy here.

Blossoms lovingly plucked by little girl hands as gifts to a mama who's cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning like a cd on repeat play. 

Color in a corner where mundane work happens often.

Happy knick-knacks that make us smile, even when they aren't new, aren't hip and are a little dirty...

Knicks and scratches that speak of learning, life and noise.

Color that reflects work and lessons and dirt and poop and conquering fear. 

Old items, gathered together in a somewhat dusty corner, just so I can glance and remember...

This is my home tour.  Beauty, for which I'm grateful, but beauty that would never win a place in a magazine.

(The wreath is one I comprised of dried flowers from our dating and early married days, as well as dried flowers from the bouquets given at our children's baby dedications.)