Monday, September 21, 2015

A Beautiful Plan

Lately I’ve just really had a burden for the family. I think God's plan for families is a plan of beauty. 

God just really wants healthy families!  I think that’s how He’s gonna accomplish stuff in the Last days.  (Yes, I believe that these are the last days.)  And, I think the Church is going to be weak, if the families are weak.  Look around, the waves of dysfunction are scary.  Having been raised functionally and the Rugged Mountain Man and I now trying to raise our family functionally, when you see the dysfunction around you, it’s very overwhelming. 
I think we’re people of the Word and we don’t have to be dysfunctional.  
You don’t have to stay dysfunctional.  It doesn’t matter if you were raised functionally or dysfunctionally, if you’ll stick with the Word of God, that’s the Answer. 
I was raised in what I would consider to be a functional home and I feel like that was a good thing for me.  But, part of the reason it was a very good thing is because Mom and Dad didn’t know really how to be functional ,so they were just like, "WOW, well this is what it says, so let’s do this."  It was kinda simple for them.  They didn’t know, but they went to the Bible and tried to apply it to our daily lives as best as they could. 
Growing up, I think tv and entertainment was a little more important in my Mom’s upbringing, but in our upbringing, it was very marginal.  I think that came from, “Oh, the Bible says not to put any worthless thing in front of your eyes, and this really causes us to stumble, so I think we’re just gonna put the tv on the back burner and we’re just not gonna have that.”  That was a really practical thing they did, not because they were raised that way, but because they were trying to be godly. 
What I'm trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if you were raised functional or not, if you’re gonna go to the Word, you will find something that will help you to be functional.  And it will help you follow God’s design and His plan.  His plan and His design will form a beautiful thing in the end.