Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5 More Ways To Bless Your Husband

I was just talking to the Rugged Mountain Man yesterday about how the best things in life don't cost a lot.  It's the same with blessing your husband.  Season tickets for the Steelers are definitely not in this single income budget, but I can still bless my husband. 

Here are a few ways you can bless your husband today:

#1 - Change the sheets on your bed. 
While you're at it, put a fresh pillowcase on his favorite pillow.  He works a long day and when he finally crashes in our bed at night, I'd like his last thought before sleep to be, "Ahhhh," with a sigh of pleasant relief. 

#2 - Do the one thing he wanted done today.
If you joined me one afternoon at our place, you might find me standing in my kitchen, scratching my head, wondering in a split second what to tackle next.  The answer:  Do the one thing he mentioned.  You know, the one you grouched to him about... he humbly asked and you retorted with, "I don't have time," followed by a frustrated sigh (growl).  (And yet you have time for your pet project or pet pleasure.)  Whether it's snapping and blanching the beans he graciously picked for you, since you were busy or some other such task, just take a moment and do it.

#3 - Ask him what HE would like to eat.
Every two weeks, I plan 14 suppers and then I shop for the ingredients.  Before I plan those meals, it's a simple thing to mention to the Rugged Mountain Man, "What are you hungry for?" or "Is there a certain dessert you're in the mood for?"  They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  Why not keep the home fires burnin' that way by serving your man some pleasing meals?

#4 - Help him with HIS task.
I always have a list about a mile long of tasks to do.  I could work all day and not finish what needs to be done.  His list is long as well.  Some of the times my husband has been most blessed have been when I stop what I'm doing and go out to the garage or yard, and ask, "What can I do to help?"  Even more memorable are the times that I was happy, calm and willing as I assisted in any way I could with his work.  Yes, it's a sacrifice.  Yes, I still have stuff waiting for me when I'm finished.  But, even just being his "gopher" (go-fer-this, go-fer-that), can make his task go smoother and quicker.  It's called being a servant and Jesus modeled it for me.  The happiness level in marriages would be much higher if there was a whole lot more serving going on.

#5 - Don't dump on him.  Use timing wisely.
Being a stay at home, homeschooling mama, there's a ton that goes on here during the day.  Some of it can be a burden (if we let it).  The temptation is to greet him at the top of the stairs and dump on him.  Unload it all - the whining, the dawdling, the mouthing off, the disrespect, all of it.  I am completely honest with my husband.  Period.  There is no excuse for dishonesty.  However, a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold, in pictures of silver... good timing is the perfect complement for what needs to be said.  I can share the same thing (all the good, bad and ugly) of our day at two totally different times and it will have different effects on my Rugged Mountain Man.  I take a deep breath, ask him how his day was and then share likewise about ours - without dumping.  It's worth mentioning that when I'm tempted to dump, all the negative usually crowds out all the positive of our day, giving him an inaccurate picture of home life.  That inaccurate picture can weigh like a heavy burden on him.  I want my words to my husband to be like a trip to the creek on a hot summer day.

Ladies, remember, we don't have to spend money to bless our husband.  We can serve, we can help, we can smile and we can chat.  He will be blessed.  God will reward us for it as well.  That is worthwhile indeed.


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