Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Am I Doing Enough?

I was chatting with a friend the other day over the question, "Am I doing enough?"  

Moms apply the question to a number of situations, 
whether it's character training, manners practice, homeschooling, home organization or 
whatever else falls in the realm of a mama's daily job description.  

Later, I was standing at the stove, stirring the meatballs, 
mulling over what God would say when a mama asks, "Am I doing enough?"  

I don't want a pat answer from people 
because He will be the final Judge of my life, 
which is constituted of all I have done.  

Will I have poured out my life every day for meaningless and empty works? 

I want these daily things I do to be pleasing, to be meaningful, 
to work toward His vision of our life here in the Hollow.  

I stirred the meatballs and checked the potatoes 
and His voice came to me, loud and clear, 
"Do it well."  

Pausing, I stood transfixed.  Suddenly, the amount of what I'm doing mattered so very little.  
The nitty-gritty details disappeared into the background.  

The burden of never-attained perfection of my daily tasks faded.  

The surrender of my heart to what God wants me to do 
and giving my all each day to obey, 
to do it well, came to the forefront.  

In crystal clear focus is the call 
to obey in what He's revealed for me to do 
and to do it well.

These snapshots are from our recent spring-like Sunday afternoon. 
I was soaking in the joy of Blossom childhood wonder, endeavoring to just be there.