Monday, February 13, 2017

Best Budget Valentine Candy

After a fun and busy weekend that involved long-neglected house-cleaning tasks, cross-country skiing, a date night and my entire side of the family over for lunch, I'm checking in to give a shout out to the mamas who may still be scrambling to pull together Valentine details.  The girls' party was last Wednesday, where 40+ students gathered to exchange Valentines.  There were auditions for an upcoming drama production, so many tasty Valentine snacks, gleeful groups of kids everywhere and happy mamas fellowshipping all around.

(You should know that she purposely picked her favorite plaid shirt with her beloved flowered tutu skirt and a pair of black heart leggings when getting dressed this morning.  It was a painstaking, thoughtful process.)

I love to put some sort of little gift or candy with the girls' Valentines, but I like to keep it inexpensive, since there are four Blossoms.  These are the areas I'm careful in our spending.  The little things add up.  After wandering the aisles of the Dollar Tree, behold, the most inexpensive Valentine treat I've ever discovered:

Wonka Pixy Stix, 3.2-oz. Bags
photo credit: Dollar Tree (where you can order them in bulk, if desired)

Move over Dum-Dums, here come the Pixy Stix!!!!

With about 35 stix per package, I bought two packages and had enough candy, with leftovers, for all the girls' Valentines.  That's TWO DOLLARS for Valentine's candy.  The girlies were thrilled.  Their pals were tickled.  And, hey, I even snagged a blue Maui Punch stix the other day.  Yummmmmm. 

Ya'll know I consider "classy penny-pinching" part of my job description here at home.  It makes some of our bigger dreams possible, while not coming off as cheap suckers.  There's nothing wrong with sticking to a budget, but being a cheap sucker leaves a bad taste in others' mouths.  Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day tomorrow.