Friday, December 5, 2014

How It Went

I think it may safely be said that the Mother Daughter Christmas Tea Party was a smashing success.  Last year, I created the menu with only the budget in mind and ended up with several items that needed only Mommy's delicate touches.  And, the prep was very stressful, which was counter-productive to the point of this party:

Teaching our children how to be hospitable. 

I can honestly say that I enjoyed this party prep, which, if you're a Mom, you know that's a


Other themes I desire to get across to the girlies through this party:
- Give of what you have.
- Perfection does not equal hospitality.
- More money does not necessarily make a better party.  

So, this year, I took the previously mentioned lessons and the menu was budget AND kid-friendly. 

Check out the Glitter Playdoh in progress!

All hands on deck!

This Taco Dip was such a hit.  So easy and so yummy.  Blossom1 was thoroughly disappointed that there were no leftovers.  (I'm tellin' you, the bowl looked like it had been LICKED clean!)

We made mini brownie trifles too.  Box mixes of brownies from the local Bent N Dent store, plus cool whip, mini chocolate chips and sugared strawberries.  I'd love to do them up nice in those perfectly clear plastic cups, but have you seen the price of those fancier cups???  (I promised my husband four years ago when we hatched this idea, that it would not become a burden on us.  So far, so good.) 

(Note beautiful Golden fur in background patiently awaiting dropped crumbs.)

Blossom4 busyness.

This is what happens when you plan your party when Grandma's in town instead of at some tropical island.  She takes a nap with Blossom3!  And helps with anything and everything.  YAY!

She also brings things like special Mary Kay stuff to bless the Mommies with favors and prizes! 

Her generosity MADE the Mommies' day!!

Snowman Olaf Bowling!  Such an easy and cute game.  Blossom2, Blossom1 and I had a great time doing the Olaf faces.  During the games part of our party, the one little baby child boy, who tagged along with his Mama, jumped off her lap, toddled over and knocked over the snowman bowling tower.  You could tell he was thinking, "I get this game.  You knock things over!"  I chuckled over his gleeful smile!

"C'mon girls, we're gonna have an assembly line!"

"What's an assembly line?" 

It's Mommy's favorite way to efficiently do things!
Homemade favor bags - check!
Frozen themed Chex Mix - check!
Aforementioned Glitter Playdoh - check!
Dollar Store Cookie Cutter - check!
Blue Candy Canes - check!

You rocked the favors, girls!

(Have you noticed that this a very kid-involved party??)

(Can I just say that I love free printables?  The links on my Pinterest Christmas Tea Party board were total winners!  The Blossoms were so happy with them!)

They're all dressed up and putting the finishing touches on the Mini Brownie Trifles. 

Do you see those snowflakes hanging from the ceiling?  Six for a DOLLAR at the Dollar Store!  I think I was awarded Mom of the Year from the Blossoms for those.  (I love how much they appreciate the little things!)  I already had to promise that we'd leave them up for a couple more days.  They will be reused since Blossom3 chose Frozen for the theme of her birthday party in a month.  Yay for reusing stuff!!!

At the end of the day, as I wrangled Blossom4 into bed to get her to wind down, I found this waiting for me. 

Gratitude.  It makes it all worth while. 

I've never been a fan of talking about money.  The Rugged Mountain Man says it isn't polite because there's always gonna be someone who has more than you and someone who has less than you (so it either breeds discontent or discomfort.)  Additionally, I feel like if I say it's a budget party, people will view my choices as cheap, even when I try to accomplish them tastefully.  But, I've decided to be frank with you about this budget-friendly party because I once attended my friend Linda's budget friendly party.  Her games were SO creative and inexpensive.  My girlies THOROUGHLY enjoyed themselves.  I realized that "cheap" is rooted in selfishness, but budget-friendly can have hospitality as the point.  An attitude of hospitality is what makes a guest have a good time.  So, we may not be able to drop $150 for a perfect party, but we CAN make sure you feel welcome, have yummy food to eat and have someone to talk to when you come over to our place.  Last night, I couldn't sleep after the party.  I felt so blessed, because I felt like our home had been a vehicle of blessing to others.  And the Blossoms got to be a part of that.