Monday, December 22, 2014

What Today Is

It's my birthday today!

- I reserve the right to lock the bathroom door and do my business in peace. 

- I will eat dark chocolate for breakfast and maybe for lunch, too. 

- I will not mop the floor, unless I feel particularly inspired to do so. 

- I will finish every sentence, every reason and every conversation with, "Because it's my birthday."

- I refuse to rush through my makeup and hair prep, no matter who says they're starving... "Go eat a Christmas cookie, Honey... (because it's my birthday)."
- I plan to sit down on the couch and stare at the tree with blaring Christmas music in the background for longer than 15 seconds.  I will not feel guilty about it. 

- I will laugh at the wash. 

- At naptime, I will tell myself that I have absolutely nothing to do today and I will sleep if I feel like it. 

- I will thumb my nose at the dishes. 

- I will paint my fingernails with the Blossoms, even if the polish will be chipped off tomorrow. 

- I will bask in the blessings of a loving husband, sweet Blossoms and a lovely, cozy home, even if the house is a little untidy today and the Blossoms may or may not whine.  I will bask nonetheless. 

I am abundantly grateful for His hand upon my life.  May I use the coming year to glorify Him.