Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Some things God has done this year

Our firstborn, Blossom1 is growing up.  She's growing closer to Jesus.  It's a thing that I love to be a part of. I am not the type of parent that believes that shy is bad.  Maybe in my naiveté at some point, I thought that.  But I don't now.  (Blossom1 is what most people call shy.)  God gives each person a personality and I think that one's personality can be a blessing and a good thing.

One just has to be able to obey Him and live a holy life. 

So, yes, if "shy" keeps you from obeying God, it's bad.  Otherwise, not so much.  I like to think of it more as hesitancy to trust.  Our girls aren't the type that just latch on to anyone and act like they've known someone for years.  I'm good with that.  (There's lots of creeps out there.)  Parenting a shy child takes purposeful work though.  We talk about what to say when.  We talk about how God gives a grace and boldness and peace to overcome fear.  We write verses like, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" on index cards and cling to them. 

And, what God has done in Blossom1 this year has been amazing.  Because of a consuming love of animals, she joined 4-H.  At the first meeting, she wouldn't even say her name to the entire rambunctious crew of current 4-Hers.  But, we didn't condemn her or make fun of her.  We just kept going to meetings and encouraging her in how to act outside your comfort zone.  Two meetings ago, they had a special guest speaker.  She spoke up on her own accord and asked a question; she even cracked a joke.  Additionally, all 4-Hers must give a 5 minute speech and presentation each year.  Her turn finally came in September.  She presented beautifully, intelligently AND calmly.  She did it.  Fair time rolled around this summer, she was interviewed THREE times in front of an audience on all things chicken and poultry.  And she won Reserve Grand Champion.  Even without winning, it was such a personal victory.  What no one else knew was there was a little index card in her jeans pocket that said, "I can do all things through Christ through strengthens me."  She kept mulling over it throughout that day.  On Sunday evening, she played Fur Elise, by Beethoven, in our church's Christmas program.  The amazing thing is that there is a one page version of Fur Elise that she can play perfectly... practically with her eyes closed.  But, she has been working on the 5 page version since September.  There are two parts that she only started playing both hands together in the past two weeks.  She insisted on playing the 5 page long version.  It bowled me over that she chose to do the harder thing over the perfect thing - she chose it of her own volition. And, while she played it well, it certainly wasn't perfect (yet).  She never cried or got embarrassed; she only became more determined throughout the song.  I was amazed at her perseverance.

In reflecting on all of this, I am in awe over what God has done in her this year.  Absolutely amazed.  She still is shy, but she has learned to do what each new situation requires with His help.  I am certain that all this is in answer to prayer.  It is the work of His Word.  In every time of fear or nervousness, we have turned to the Word together.  Yep, it's ok to be shy, but He will help you to do what you need to do.  He has and I am so thankful that God lets me be a part of her journey.