Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Learning to Crochet?

Determined to spend a little more time doing the things we want to do and don't, we sat down to learn how to crochet today (among other things). 

The Littles did not think this was fun.  Mostly because I started with the Big Blossoms.  So there was crying and climbing on Mommy and the general chaos that seems somewhat occasionally normal around here.  It kinda reminded me of that 4-H project Blossom1 and I did together. 

As I was sitting there, straining to be patient as I situated little girlies' hands into the proper (and very unnatural) grip, I realized something.  Teaching your kids is hard.

That's why most people don't do it.  ("If this is hard, how am I going to teach them how to drive?")

But, I've been telling the Blossoms that anything worthwhile isn't going to be easy. 

It wasn't beautiful or picture perfect or peaches and cream, but we plowed through the chaos.  (This is actually grace in progress.)  They are learning how to take turns for Mommy, how to try something a little difficult and how to keep concentrating.  And, even the Little Blossoms got to be involved eventually.  They liked it, of course! 

Friends, I encourage you to do the hard thing - teach your kiddos something good.  In doing that hard thing of teaching them, you are teaching them more than just how to crochet.  These are necessary and worthwhile lessons of things like giving a soft answer, using patience, exercising diligence and so much more.