Friday, December 12, 2014


Right now, I'm just thinking over this week.  I'm counting my blessings - the big ones and the little ones. 

I'm thankful
- For energetic, creative girlies that wear me out by the end of every day.

- For the Rugged Mountain Man's safe return from the Great White North aka God's Country.

- For surprise snowfall that makes it a Marshmallow World.

- For venison for the freezer. 

- For a Mom that keeps the Blossoms while Daddy and I have a shopping date. 

- For laughs, good memories, silly jokes, one-liners, secret looks and all the little stuff that me and my Man share.

- For sweet and spicy wings that hit the spot!

- For Shirley Temples.

- For happy grins, gurgly giggles and howling laughter in a cozy home on a cold, winter night.

- For an upcoming birthday!

- For sparkling eyes, mischievous plans and peeking (at Christmas gifts) girlies.