Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Tea Party To Do List

Those with toddlers might appreciate what it takes to get ready for a party:

- Wipe the Chocolate Chip smudges off the bathroom sink/faucet/switchplate and counter.

- Remove my homemade anti-toddler-lock-yourself-in mechanism (aka TAPE) from the guest bathroom door.

- Fold up all the "Throws" and arrange them neatly on the couches... AGAIN.

- Have someone dustbust all the paper clipping/scraps off the floor.

It's times like these that most of us are tempted to flip out over how much still needs to be done.  You all know that I try to keep our house tidy and the girlies do their best to help.  And yet, the temptation is there.

Mamas, remember this-
My house isn't gonna be stunning for the magazine perfect Frozen themed Mother Daughter Christmas Tea Party.  However, it is ready to be warm, inviting and welcoming for a fun-filled evenings with friends.