Monday, December 29, 2014

A Glimpse

"Yo, Christmas is cool!"  (Says the dog that has eaten way too many Christmas shniblets!)

In any case, here are a few little photo blurbs from our week. 
We always wait til Christmas morning to put Jesus in the manger. 
It's a terrific way for the Blossoms to kick off the morning.

My most FAVORITE part of Christmas Day and the entire week was UNO! 

Yep, UNO.

And, Blossom3 won the first game... for real!  We all enjoyed playing games together Christmas evening while we snacked and listened to Christmas songs.  Honestly, it really was the best part of the day for me.  The best things about Christmas are virtually free!

The Little Blossoms helped me put the sticky buns together for the next morning. 
I loved this slower pace!  (Mama isn't compelled to be so snappish.)

Ahhhhhh, yes, chillin' at grandparents' house with my feet up! 

I also learned a very important lesson this past week.  Be careful what you sign up to bring to parties.  In the past, I make whatever comes to mind or whatever is budget friendly, etc.  I'd get to a few hours before a party and be so tired, I just didn't feel like making what I'd planned.  This year, I tried to consider what would look nice, taste nice, be budget friendly, travel-friendly AND would be easy for me to make.  I have to say, I enjoyed the holiday season MUCH MORE.  Perhaps you don't quite grasp this until you're a mama trying to herd your crew out the door, looking somewhat presentable in their holiday garb AND have good food to share as well.  The little extra thought and planning made everything better for me... which, as you know, means a happier family too. 

I'm thankful for a nice Christmas, full of God's blessing on family and friends.