Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just in case you ever think I've got it all together...

just remember, I don't.  But, every day I wake up and keep trying.  And although today was tiring and I've resorted to calling our home, "Crazytown, USA," tomorrow morning, I'm going to get up, educate our children, continue tidying our home and keep on throwing wash in the washer. 
One random thing - Blossom3 observed me ironing Daddy's shirt not long ago.  Since then, she dug out my hand mixer and was lugging that around the house "ironing" all blankets and throws.  (I'm the lucky one that gets to fold them up twenty times a day to put back on the couches.)  I didn't like the cord that was tagging along.  It said DANGER to me.  So, I snipped the cord off my old iron and gave it to her. 

Every day, I notice this iron in random spots around the house.  My heart skips a beat because it looks like my dining room table is going to be uber-hot!  My strange sense of humor (Thanks, Dad) gets a wry chuckle out of it.

My Mom came over today to do some Christmas baking with us.  I thought "Frozen" themed Chex mix was adorable. 

Blossom4 thought it was highly entertaining, as she dumped the remaining contents of blue sugar all over the floor.  For about the fortieth time, I was cleaning up one of her little messes and then struggling to remember what in the world I was doing before that.  (Dipping Peanut Butter Balls?  Making lunch?  Packaging cookies?)

I totally had to show you my Mom's beat up old cookbook.  It's the one she used all of my growing up years.  Don't think she needs a new one... no way... the best cookbooks are the ones that are falling apart!

Yes, we actually did get some stuff done.  Don't believe the above picture.  That was the only corner of the kitchen that didn't look like a cookie-baking battlefield.  (My kitchen does not look Pinterest-worthy when we are bakin' up a storm and DEFINITELY not when Blossom4 is roaming around helping herself to chocolate chips and begging Grandma for m&ms!)

Blossom1 and Grandma got a huge kick out of carefully placing each m&m on these cookies. 

As if I didn't think the kitchen looked bad enough, I let the girlies paint tonight. 

I'm telling you Blossom4 is FAST, faster than Calamity Jane.  I turned around to wash a dish.  She spilled her water.  I cleaned that up.  I turned around to remember what I was doing.  Oh ya, washing dishes.  She painted her mouth.  I wiped her up.  I leaned over to check my email.  She's DRINKING her paint water.  I cleaned her up.  I'm standing there scratching my head, trying to remember what I was doing.  She decided to refill her own water.  I clean up the floor, the faucet, the counter AND her.  I decided to lay out Daddy's breakfast stuff and now she is PAINTING my cupboards.  She does it so carefully and sweetly though... Ya, I finally just gave up doing anything and put Blossom3 and Blossom4 in the tub.  I stared at the wall like a crazy person while they giddily splashed and sloshed.

Then, I called my Mom and asked her if I will survive this stage of motherhood.  She said I will.  Thank God for this stage and thank God for grace.