Friday, July 18, 2014

Quality Time amidst the Chaos

I told my husband that I like Blossom1's 4-H sewing project because it is helping me be more systematic about teaching her to sew.  Teaching her the skills of home-making is something that's near and dear to my heart.  And if a 4-H sewing project helps me be more organized in that learning time, why not?

It doesn't always look like roses and warm fuzzies though. 

I was sprawled on the floor with Blossom1, trying to pin the skirt we were making to the t-shirt to transform it into a dress.  We'd purchased a shirt with a small oddity I originally thought was no big deal.  I got it home and realized it was going to be more complicated for a beginner sewing student.  There I sit, BabyBlossom climbing on me and pestering to nurse and almost stepping on pins in the process.  Blossom2 is "scootering" (read: WHIZZING) back and forth at lightning speeds, while yakking with Blossom3.  Blossom3 is also scootering, while lobbying for a freezy pop or some other sort of junk food.  Jake is barking.  Blossom1 is trying to learn how to pin sewing projects properly.  I'm trying to block out the chaos, without blocking out the chaos. 
"No, you can't have a freezy pop right now." 
"Please don't run over your sister's toes." 
"Put that away."
 In my mind, I'm fighting the thoughts that perhaps I've ruined Blossom1's 4-H project by letting her buy a t-shirt that is too difficult for this outfit.  And Blossom1 says to me,

"This is fun.  I'm glad you're teaching me to sew."

In my mind, "Seriously?  There's a baby gorilla on my head and I can't even see where you're sticking the pin and you still think this is great?"

Totally amazing.  It did my heart good.  It didn't matter to her.  I was focused on her and we were doing something together. 

By the way, we finished her dress today and it's beautiful.