Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I blame Grandma

It all started because Grandma had been doing a lot of globe-trotting lately and wanted the girlies for an overnighter at her place.  Now, BabyBlossom still nurses so she was still at home with me.  And, even though my to-do list didn't go away for that 24 hr period with 3 less Blossoms in the house, I promised myself that I would do something I wanted to do.  Like scrapbook.  I haven't scrapbooked in years.  Pretty much since Blossom3 was born.  I think you can figure out that life happened.  So, I took my rusty scrapbooking self over to and determine that I'd enjoy at least one page even if that's all I scrapbooked for the next 10 years. 


Next thing I know, I'm challenging my sister to a page-a-day challenge and she and I are on fire scrapbooking! 

I figured out that I can do a page in 15 minutes, which was a revelation to me.  Paper scrapbooking (as opposed to digital scrapbooking) can take an hour or more for a page - yikes!  Totally unrealistic.  But 15 minutes I can do.

I enjoyed that scrapbooking session and I've been squeezing it in here and there again over the last few days.  I realize that it's summertime and the demands on my time are different than fall/winter, but I'm just enjoying this a little now. 

I realized that scrapbooking helps me count my blessings
Moms get tired. 
Moms lose perspective. 
Moms get overwhelmed. 
Then, you take a few minutes, glance through pics of those you love and what you've done with them and you realize afresh the treasures God's given you.  Preserving memories is worth it to me if it's just another thing helping me to the place of gratitude.

Thanks, Grandma.