Monday, July 21, 2014

The Case of the Missing Washcloths

Lots of things go missing here. Actually, quite often I offer a reward to motivate little treasure hunters...

"Fifty cents for whoever finds Blossom3's missing flip-flop!" 

(Blossom3 offered Fifty Dollars to whoever found Mommy... I had to nip that one in the bud.  No giving away your fifty dollars.  Besides, I would've won since I found myself first.) 

I was packing for our vacation and couldn't find wash cloths. 

Really?  I mean, we have stacks and stacks of wash cloths!  The wash is caught up!  What is going on here? 

I sent Blossom2 to look for some.  She came back with two princess wash cloths.  Two, for a family of six and a week at a rustic cabin?  I searched three different cupboards!  Still, NONE.

Finally, I found them, SHOVED in the back of the Blossoms' bathroom cabinet, the victims of sending a certain younger Blossom to put wash cloths away. 

And yes, people sometimes wonder what a Stay-At-Home Mom does all day.