Monday, July 28, 2014

Ahhhhhhh, vacation.

A cabin in the middle of "nowhere..."  It doesn't get much better than that. 

Blue skies.

Fresh air.

Birds chirping.

A creek laughing and gurgling.

Children "slopping" (in above creek).

Fireside chats.

Always food for thought... Like the words, "Just trust."

Monumental words in fact.  Timely words, reinforced in my spirit from seemingly every direction. 

"Just trust."

All the what-ifs that flit through my brain and all the things that could happen.  All the things that did or didn't or mightn't have happened in life to my family. 

"Just trust."

I was talking to the Rugged Mountain Man about fear a few months ago.  He said, "Sometimes you just gotta get back up on your horse and trust God, Honey."  It was a timely and much-needed word.

And this, "Just trust" word was simply the Lord reinforcing that moreso.  It's time to go beyond recognizing satan's workings of fear in my heart and mind.  Stand up and just trust God.  Oh, the peace that comes with trusting Him.  Oh, the peace!!!

Why not just trust the Lord?  What do we have if we don't have trust?

"Just trust."

Now, I'd best get to that unpackin'.