Thursday, July 3, 2014


I wrote the post on no harm in looking at God's creations on a Friday.  We fed the caterpillar fresh cilantro and dill and gave him cotton balls soaked in water.  We all enjoyed looking at him.  I learned that Blossom1 was right.  Caterpillars DO molt.  And, he got fatter and fatter.  Then, Sunday morning, he wasn't moving at all. 

"GIRLS, you KILLED him!!!!!!!!!" I wailed.  (Inwardly I was thinking that I'd never write about catching and releasing again...)  How embarrassing!

An hour later, I walked past his habitat again.  He was a chrysalis.  And, his molted skin was sitting next to the chrysalis.  The girls and I were tickled pink!  (and, I'm pretty sure I apologized.)  It was just a waiting game then. 

Guess what. 


I checked the chrysalis this morning and it was the same as usual.  When I dusted this afternoon, I noticed he had hatched.  We were only slightly sad to have missed the great emergence.  It was miracle enough to liberate this beautiful butterfly after seeing him as a caterpillar not so very long ago. (1 1/2 weeks to be exact)

Blossom3 was thrilled to witness its release!

Don't be alarmed.  Neither the butterfly, nor the Blossom are bleeding... that's pollen from the lily we tried to place him on.  

Finally, he perched on a bush, dried his wings and fluttered away,

Leaving his empty chrysalis as an addition to the Blossoms' museum.  What an amazing miracle!  How could anyone doubt that there is a God!