Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blossom2 on Caves

Blossom2 doesn't get much press.  That's just her personality.  She likes to slide in under the radar, in much the same way that her Daddy does.  I've been really thrilled lately because some of her interests have caused her to step out of the shadows of her sister's interests. 





Being that that stuff is all around us, we've stocked up on library books on those subjects and then, headed over to a local cave for a tour.  Blossom2 (and Blossom3) were completely mesmerized.

They're the three in the middle, petting the "Kneeling Camel."  Later, we asked the girls how they liked the cave.  Aside from the, "Can we come back next weekend?"  Blossom2 promptly declared that she liked Rooms 4 and 5 best. 

Jaw drop.

I can't even remember which rooms those were! 

We'll see where else her interests lead us.  Perhaps to the local university's mineral science museum next.  I did have to make some sort of rule though.  No more Wal-mart bags of rocks in the house.