Friday, July 25, 2014

Work stuff

I guess I've been talking about work a little bit lately.  One of the things I tasked for Blossom1 to do was clean the bathroom.  Only, I didn't tell her to "clean the bathroom."  She knows how to do all the individual tasks, but I assigned one at a time.  Maybe this doesn't seem like rocket science to you, but it made sense to me. 

First, clean the mirrors.
Then, do the sinks and counter tops.
Then, do the toilets.

One by one, she completed each task and moved from bathroom to bathroom. 

She asked why we were doing so much cleaning today.  I replied that I always clean all the bathrooms on Thursdays.  She usually just got tasked with other things.  It did open my eyes a bit.  I want her to know all the workings of the household, so I think I'm a bit inspired to involve her even moreso in the days ahead.