Monday, December 7, 2015

Not a day without a line

Journaling has been important to me for a long, long time.  Now, as you well know, my life has defined seasons.  In some seasons, I journal more than others.  Journaling factors in some way to most seasons of my life though. 

I've found that journaling helps me to process my thoughts and truly think through what God is saying to me.  When I don't journal, very little of what I read in the Word assimilates into my life.  I find that when I write about what God is saying to me, the thoughts develop.  They grow.  When I take the time to write them down, one or two little thoughts blossom into something bigger God wants to do in me.  Writing those thoughts causes me to explore them, to ask more questions, to process, to muse, to meditate, to mull and to really listen.

There's a Latin saying,

"Nulla dies sine linea."

 It actually means, "Not a day without a line drawn," referring to an artist drawing something every day.   I like the challenge in that ~ taking the regular time to just write something, just one thought, each day. To a busy mom who finds herself numbed by the grinding of daily life, just to write one thought each day would be quite an exercise, a real stretch outside our "What are we making for dinner" and "Where do the kids need to be next" thoughts. 

When the numbing of the Mommy Mundane happens, we need to wade through it and still find that precious place of a life-giving time with God. 

Read the Word.  Think about it.  Commune with God.  Ask and listen.  Write down one thought.  One thing that struck us.  One way we feel convicted.  One attitude we feel the Lord is dealing with.  One request we bring to the Throne of grace.  One desire in our walk with God.  Just one thought.  A small thought.  A seemingly insignificant thought.  Just one thought.
This helps us to open our hearts more to the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit (meaning, the process of making us more holy).  It paves a way for God to work in those words we read, the thoughts we think, the nudges we feel.  And, God can take it from there. 

Just one thought.  Not a day without a line.  Not a day without one thought written.