Friday, December 18, 2015

The Road to Eternity

I look at this blog as a snapshot of my life.  By reading here, you see what I'm like, who I am, what I stand for, who I love.  I am only sometimes overt here.  Most other times, I leave you to glean the Truth for yourselves. 

But something has been on my heart recently.  It is the road to Eternity. 

Life is a blink.  It is brief.  It is deceiving in that so much that seems insistently important is truly small, genuinely nothing.  In this busy life, we can fool ourselves.  We think that there's not much more than this - the running, the meals, the pleasures.  But there is.  There are truths that are eternally important.  When we stop, when we take a walk in nature, when we take a deep breath, when we clear away the clutter, we come face to face with something more.  So much more.

All of us have sinned.  And we have fallen short.  If you feel that stab in your heart, as you read, it is your conscience in agreement with these Truthful words.  We have missed the mark in a heart-wrenchingly disappointing way, despite every human effort we put forth.  We, and our best efforts at life, are not enough.

Death comes from sin.  Sin is missing the mark and missing the mark isn't a joke.  It results in forever away from the Father God.  Living completely separated from Him, unable to hear His voice now on earth.  And later, once you've died, forever experiencing daily death for infinity in hell.  Sobering, and real, friend.  Your sin deserves the wages, or the payment of death.  What will you do?

You don't have to remain forever separated from God.  There is eternal life offered to you by Jesus Christ, God's son dying on the cross.  It is what Christ did for you.  He took the place you deserved.  It's easy to say it was for the man you see in Wal-mart or the lady with the bratty kids, but Christ died for you (me).  He took what you deserved.

Will you scorn these truths or will you take them on faith?    After the perfect, sinless man, Jesus, took what you deserved, He won a victory over death, by not staying dead(!)  Will you believe that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead?  It is in your heart that you must grasp this.  Your head will cry out in revolt, but there is truly no other way to stand right, to be made clean, to be made new, before God.  No other way.  The heart must believe the Truth. 

Humbly cry out to God.  Ask Him to save you.  Ask Him to forgive your sins, to give you a new nature.  Ask Him to be the Lord of your life. 

This is the road to an Eternity unseparated from a caring Father God.  There is so much more to discover along the way ~ God's purpose for you, His plan for your life, how you can please Him every day, but the journey of a million miles begins with only one step, the step of salvation.