Friday, December 9, 2016

An Artsy Autumn Afternoon

Clearly on one of the last warm days of autumn, we decided a project was in order. 

I like to save Sunday afternoons for resting, for family, for refreshing our focus, for thinking, for breathing, for starting fresh.  There's even room for family fun.  I think Daddy was napping in front of a football game.  Craft projects with girlies make naps for daddies much more realistic.

Which is why, I told Blossom1 and Blossom2 to get out their craft kits they got for their birthdays. 

Then, digging into my "stash," which is alternately a life-saver and on other days, a clutter disaster, I brought out some plain white t-shirts, which turned a two girlie project into a project for everyone!  (insert my Chance voice from the Homeward Bound movie... "there's plenty for everyone!!")

Y'all, I can't stand messes inside.  As a good friend of mine jokes, "They make me twitchy." 
But outside, they don't seem to bother me, which is why this table was cause for celebration.  I could totally picture crafts happening here!  When mama chills, everybody enjoys themselves more!

With stencils, puffy paints, plain t-shirts and tote bags, the girlies were happy campers.  Well, they were happy as long as I scrupulously supervised Blossom4, thereby preventing her from methodically squeezing each puffy paint pen into enormous puddles of paint on her t-shirt. 
The thing that I loved most is that the crafting inspired generosity too. 

Blossom1 and Blossom2 used their leftover supplies to craft a sweet little Winnie the Pooh library bag for their cousin's birthday!