Friday, December 16, 2016

Getting a Little Pinteresting

It's been a little Pinteresting around here lately.

I find that Pinterest can help you covet
it can help you put to good use what you've already got. 
In this case, my growing collection of vintage aqua mason jars became budget centerpieces for a small post birth baby get together for a friend.  I had warm fuzzies to see something I've collected from my grandparents, my husband's grandparents, our friends and my mom being used to give someone else joy.

With the help of my mom and sister in law, we put together a "Thankful" celebration for my sister's coming baby boy bundle.
I'd noticed this autumn~esque centerpiece on Pinterest. 
I was thrilled to dig out my enamel basin that I'd snagged
from the Rugged Mountain Man's grandmother's estate.

Some scrap burlap, jute twine, a few leftover artificial leaves and a sharpie
became a simple "Thankful" pennant.

My sister in law shared this pennant idea... some more leftover artificial leaves, inexpensive clothespins and scans of favorite book pages made a cute book and leaves pennant. 
You might also notice our tin can luminaries on the Fall mantle.  They were yet another project from our Colonial life study, representing the tinsmith vocation that was popular during that time period.

As the holidays progressed, we wanted to do a fun little Christmas decoration update.  With a coupon for some fun lumberjack flannel, our own leftover burlap and ribbon, a Buffalo plaid garland took shape in less than fifteen minutes.  That's the kind of crafting I do these days, y'all!

I pulled off the update of the tree too, by using a new-to-us Christmasy quilt for a tree skirt and lumberjack plaid ribbon for the tree too.  It isn't a huge change from last year, but for $5.00, the whole family enjoyed making our Christmas decorations look more "us."  (You already know that our red and black plaids are a bit conspicuous.
And the Rugged Mountain Man pronounced this "the best tree yet!"

The girls and I put the enamel basin to work again,
tweaking the centerpiece to reflect their tea party's theme of an old-fashioned Christmas. 

The effect was thoroughly charming. 
At one point, my sister and I went back and forth through the house, proclaiming that we could smell something burning.  Eventually we discovered a few smoldering boughs in the centerpiece!  Never doubt a woman's nose!

The boughs are from a bush out front that "needed to be trimmed," (read: if Mommy knew how to use the chain saw, she'd cut it down herself.)  The Blossoms harvested holly sprigs from our own holly bushes, proving yet again that festive doesn't have to be pricy. 
I continue to use my sister's Pinterest mantra ~
When Pinterest stops inspiring you
and starts making you feel bad,
it's time to get off. 
However, I'm thrilled that Pinterest has inspired us to use what we've already got
to beautify in simple ways. 
Happy Pinteresting, friends!