Monday, December 5, 2016

Remember to Forget the Elf

It's Christmastime and our daily Follow the Star tradition has recommenced.  The girlies are loving it!

Here's the quick and realistic version for all you busy mamas:
#1 - Let your kiddos make a popsicle stick star. 
#2 - Clean up the glitter, scraps, ribbon and glue mess from said popsicle stick star craft, after perpetrators have mysteriously disappeared outside. 
#3 - Tell yourself that it really is ok that it doesn't look a traditional Star of David.
#4 - Explain to the kiddos that you'll hang it after they go to bed each night, thus silencing the howls of rage over who gets to hang it first and then, each successive evening. 
#5 - Laugh as they come shooting out of bed the next morning and pound through the house like a herd of elephants in search of the star.
#6 - Proclaim that it's okay that they all found the star at the same time!
#7 - Close your eyes and hold your breath as your little ones "carefully" move each wise man and camel to the site of the star.
#8 - Smile and remember that amidst all of the things you're not doing and you're not keeping up with, you ARE helping them to learn what Christmas is really about.