Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Watch This Movie... Tonight.

Snuggling under a cozy throw in front of the twinkling lights of our Christmas tree and relishing a good Christmas movie is one of my favorite things to do on cold winter evenings. 

However, finding a Christmas movie that is about the real meaning of Christmas and absent of gag-worthy santa propaganda is like trying to find your daughter's favorite Elsa sock when you need to head out the door in 4.3 minutes or less.  #santagetsoldafterawhile  #socksareinvisiblewhenyoureinahurry

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Imagine my delight when the Rugged Mountain Man discovered a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas movie the other night.
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Max Lucado's The Christmas Candle is based on his novel of the same name.  It follows the journey of one man, a town and a legend through hard times, through doubts and ultimately, back to faith.  Intertwined is a love story that's as much of a miracle as what the whole town experiences in the end. 

It's clean! 

It's wholesome! 

It's uplifting! 

And, it's well done, too! 

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Additionally, being a fan of Charles Dickens and Pride and Prejudice era stories and scenery, I savored every bit of English scenery, charming architecture and exquisite costuming.  Fans of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South movie will be happy to see Leslie Hanville, who played Maria Hale, playing Bea Haddington, another central character.

Though not a musical, Susan Boyle ~ a Scottish singer and contestant on Britain's Got Talent ~ plays a part, lending her angelic voice to the theme song of the movie.  It was a high point in the movie for me, as her style and voice lean in the Celtic direction, a favorite style of mine. 

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We finished this movie feeling uplifted and inspired.  It was worth watching.  I'm a repeat movie watcher, so I'm sure it will be one of my favorites for years to come.

As the movie has the death of a central character in the story line, deals with tragedy and an unwed mother, it isn't for the youngest of viewers, so no, the girlies haven't seen it yet.  We're still discussing how much the Littles and Bigs will understand and how much will go over their heads.  Plus, it could be a good discussion movie.  You watch it and decide for your family.  I'm looking forward to adding it to our movie collection; it's just that good.

If you've got Amazon Prime, it's free to watch there!  If you don't have Prime, try this link. 

Meanwhile, I'll be in the hunt to track down that book.  It's a must read for me!  Maybe I'll be able to read it during Christmas break...

Merry Christmas,