Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Clothesline Quick Fix

It wasn't til I had a new baby in our house, that I realized this #mamalifehack.  The Rugged Mountain Man was helping me out in the first few days of having one of our little ones.  I looked outside to see his version of hanging clothes on the line.  I chuckled a bit, as everything was thrown over the line and secured with one clothespin.

"That is not how my mom taught me to do it!"

I couldn't believe how little time it took him though!  No wonder I avoid hanging clothes on the line. I asked myself why I'd been doing it my way all along, painstakingly hanging each item the "right" way.

Mamas, we are busy.

We must ask ourselves why we do things the way we do!

I should be careful not to stretch the clothing.  Yes, if you hang it just so, the clothes dry faster too.

For our family, most of the clothes going on the line are play clothes or jeans, so less wrinkles or more wrinkles aren't a huge concern.  And, most of the clothes these days are low-wrinkle fabrics.  Fabrics have really changed over the years.

Either way, it takes less than five minutes to hang clothes on the line, when I take a cue from the Rugged Mountain Man.  This #mamalifehack advises you to throw those clothes over the line, slap on a clothespin and move on with your life.

I promise you, Martha Stewart won't show up on your doorstep with a notice of violation and neither will your mom.