Friday, May 19, 2017

What Does a Stage Hand Wear?

I've talked a lot about our co-op's original, student-written play and the recent performance.  What can I say? It's been the substance of our last three months, plus a project that our students have worked on for over a year.

Since I was managing staging and sets, that meant that this mama got to watch from backstage, while helping to switch sets and making sure all the right props went on or off.  Read: I was sweating from all the hard work.

Mamas, we can look good no matter what we're doing; I'm convinced of it.

I still remember the time I was performing a weeding frenzy on our garden plot.  I was covered in dirt in a swingy grey skirt, green muck boots and a favorite matching visor.  The neighbor told me I looked like the farmer's daughter, which made me smile.  I guess I was playing the part.

We can be well put together.  It just takes a little bit of thought.

For performance night, I wanted to make extra sure that my backside would be covered during all the bending and moving.  I do try hard to model modesty to the young people around me.  I also needed to be barefoot for maximum quiet set-moving.

The swishy black tunic and black skinnies were thrift store finds.  My pretty silver earrings were a Kohl's splurge, courtesy of my mother-in-law.  I went with a simple silver ring and a long, inexpensive necklace.  If it breaks, no loss there.  I was comfortable, modest and well put together.  Hurray!!!

Next time, you're doing what mamas do best - EVERYTHING - put some thought into being modest, functional and well put together.  I really believe that it glorifies the One who made us.