Friday, July 14, 2017

Rolling Pizza ~ an Exceedingly Important Life Skill

"Can I he'p you, Mama?"

"Sure, I'm making pizza."  

With a "Roll this out," I plopped the dough on a floured surface, 
handed her a rolling pin and went to fetch a jar of pizza sauce from the basement.  

Upon my return, I discovered that she'd rolled it all out, all by herself!

I was shocked at her progress because pizza dough is one of the hardest dough to roll, in my opinion.  She was super proud when we announced to Daddy that Blossom4 made supper all by herself.  She had spread the sauce and sprinkled on the cheese, while Mama mulled over a very important lesson.  

These Blossoms can do WAY MORE than we think they can.    

I'm applying that to work ethic and home chores lately.  I like to use the summer time to teach the Blossoms how to do almost all of the regular home chores that I know how to do.

Otherwise, when will they learn these things?

Where will they learn how to do home chores efficiently?  

Every day, I'm trying to train them for adult life - 
cleaning, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, sewing, gardening and a myriad of other things.  It's a big part of my job, passing on these life skills. 

I'm fighting to keep the every day demands on me 
from overtaking their learning how to do the every day tasks.