Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fun for the Fourth

I do love July, especially the Fourth.  Combined with the exquisitely flavored chicken that the men of the family cook over the pit all morning and the fluffy blueberry dessert that my mother-in-law always makes, the food is just the cherry on top of a day of fellowship and fun.

In the spirit of some patriotic fun, I'm sharing a recent addition to my wardrobe.  
It's in honor of our upcoming 15th wedding anniversary!  

Hurray for eBay, which enabled me to score vintage, barely worn cowboy boots at a fraction of the cost.  I'm still grinning when I look at them.  
Something memorable for a major and memorable milestone!

Cowboy Boots on a Summer's Night

I'm feeling pretty good about these boots, as I know myself and my style better than ever.  I've loved boots since I was five year old.  If I haven't gotten over them by now, I probably won't.  And, being that my mom and grandma are still dressin' Western,
I'm pretty sure there's no hope for me or the girls.

These Boots are Made for Walkin'

While I waited for them to arrive, I jumped on Pinterest, looking for outfit inspiration and was surprised to find that there wasn't much there.  Most of it was pretty straightforward, like wear them with a white dress and a denim jacket.  I could've thought of that.  I go to Pinterest for "Oh, I've never thought to wear them with that!" kind of outfit inspiration.

Black with Red Boots

On the other hand, many of the outfits went too over the top with the red.  Ya'll, if you're gonna wear something like RED cowboy boots, you'd better be prepared to tone down everything else.  And, red, red, RED gets all up in your face.  You'll find most of these outfits are a bit toned down in the jewelry department.  It's like statement boots, instead of a statement necklace; at least, that's how I'm looking at it.

Red and Breezy

Just in wearing these boots in the last few weeks, I've been delighted to confirm my suspicions.
Much like my red sandals, they complement a number of classic pieces already in my wardrobe.

Red Cowboy Boots

I've spent years thrifting and investing to acquire classic pieces.  The little bit of money I do spend on fashion, I don't generally spend on trendy stuff.

Boots, Class and a Little Sass

There's something to be said for knowing what you like
and putting it together in the best way you can.

Sunny Sassy Summer

Being well put together shouldn't mean just buying more clothes or jewelry.

Boots to Church

Being well put together is taking the pieces you've got 
and making them work to reflect you, 
your convictions, 
your taste
and your life.

Summer Night in Red Boots

Whether it's the park, Wal-Mart, church, a wedding or even the Fair,
these boots are workin' for me!

Fair Time!

And hey, like my sister-in-law said, these boots are just in time for the Fourth!

Red Boots on the Fourth!

Enjoy your Independence Day, friends!