Friday, July 7, 2017

At Grammie's

The Blossoms have been sharing their daily-daily joy at Grammie's this week.  I'm so thrilled that they get to have this experience.  I've been taking the time to get a few things done around the homestead, but also using this time to refresh myself.  

I had Coke with a friend.  

Actually, she's in Maine right now, but her text of this oddity made me smile multiple times today.  Surprisingly, I have a small stash of similarly personalized items.  With such a unique name, most of my family and friends snag something for me when they see "Dominique" plastered on it.  I laugh because buried in my basement fabric hoard is a pretty fabric that actually has my name woven into it.  I've yet to decide what to do with it, but by george, I bought that material lickety-split!  

I've spent extra time here over the last few days, swaying in the temperate weather and soaking in the gorgeous country stillness.  I bought Maris by Grace Livingston Hill.  Her fiction never disappoints.  It's clean, it's inspiring and it's always a good wholesome story.  She was such a talented writer and story-teller!  I appreciate that her books rarely break the bank, with most coming in at $1.40 or less.

I also purchased There's an Easier Way by Bonni Greiner.  Her other book, Recapturing the Joy of Motherhood, was a steal at $0.99 and gave me the attitude adjustment that I needed.  It was one of the best motherhood books I've ever read.  

I've been sitting at Bonni's feet a little, yearning to learn as much from her as I can through her writings, reminding me of the Titus 2:3-4 command to let the older women teach the younger women how to love their husbands and children.

Living as a Godly family in this day and age is so different than what we actually see all around us.  Having a healthy marriage and family is rather counter-cultural, a way that is often unpopular.  For me and other Godly women to keep going against the flow, we must realize that we can't get away with just a shot in the arm here and there of Truth.  

To keep the vision front and center, 
we have to fill up on good solid Truth.  

Bonni's books have been a conduit of that solid Truth for me lately.  

If you need some more good child-rearing reading, one of my favorite bloggers just did a terrific two part series that reflects much of the same way we're raising our Blossoms.  Abbie, from M is for Mama, lays out their Christian child-training philosophy after being asked to do so.  Part one is here and part two is here.  It's definitely a worthwhile read and Abbie has a style of writing that is humble, easy to read and encouraging.  

If you're a coconut lover, you could grab some of these Trader Joe's Chocolate Coconut Almonds to munch on while you read.   I don't recommend it, but only because I might know from experience what happens.  In all fairness, my sister warned me.  

Well, the girlies will be home soon.  I'm glad, but I'm guessing the rabbits, chickens and ducks are gladder.  They are far better micro-farmers than I am.  

Keep the faith, friends!