Tuesday, June 20, 2017

About Those Bags

There are so many hard seasons of motherhood.  The times they don't sleep at night, potty-training, bad attitudes and baffling phases, plus all the outside stressors.  There are family commitments, volunteer commitments and children's extra-curricular activities. 

Motherhood can just be hard.  Add in the fact that your sleep patterns are so different than the pre-children era.  I've thought sometimes that I'd be a much nicer mama, if I wasn't so stinkin' tired!

I'm not an excuses type of person, so I don't actually think that fatigue is a legit excuse for being cranky with the Blossoms or responding in anything less than a Godly manner. 

With all the hard seasons behind and ahead, I felt like maybe I dreaded the especially busy, stressful times. 

That's the thing though.  There will be hard seasons. 

I love what Bonnie Greiner said. 

"Unpack your bags." 


Yes, "unpack your bags" and get happy here. 

It isn't really living to yearn for your one week vacation all year long, instead of savoring the other fifty-one weeks of your real, every day life.

This is life.  Hard seasons, busy seasons, sweet seasons, fun seasons, gorgeous seasons, baffling seasons, easier seasons, just-take-another-breath seasons.  All of it.  It's all of the daily-daily that the Lord has called me to. 

This is what I've wanted ever since I can remember.  Instead of wishing for an easier tomorrow, 
I'm choosing to embrace the hard today... with joy. 


We discovered these butterflies on a jaunt by the creek during a recent over-nighter to our beloved cabin. Maybe God knew I wanted to go to a butterfly exhibit really bad. Blossom4 was mesmerized by their fluttering, feathery wings.