Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blossoming Unhurriedly

Quite often, you all get to enjoy my hobbyist approach to photography, but there is a retired wedding photographer in our family.  I love utilizing my sister's amazing skills and today, I'm sharing some of those skills with you.

Blossom4 turned four this April, but due to a rash on her face and what seem to have become her trademark facial scrapes, we put off her photo shoot for well-nigh a month.  

I gained permission from a friend of mine, and we trekked down the hill to a charmingly dilapidated barn foundation, which I'd noticed during an egg hunt earlier this year.  We pressed through the weeds and did what busy creative mamas do ~ wrangled six children for five minutes, to get picturesque shots of a Colonially dressed sweetheart.  

Impressively enough, we did all that while managing to keep all the little people and ourselves out of any "itchy" weeds.  #realsuccess

Blossom4 is an immense blessing to this family in so many ways.  

Her fiery personality fits right in with all the rest of the zest and zeal here.  

She has no problem being heard in her "herd."

She relishes attempting inventive escapades.  

Her tiny frame and delicate blond locks evoke "pixie" references often.  

I'm so glad she still enjoys a good snuggle.  This little one ministers love to our hearts every day.

Afterward, I grabbed my barefoot pixie so we could journey to the creek for a little rustic fun.  

My nephew, aka Huck Finn, and I got some "Aunt Domi" time too.  Secretly, I think he likes me because my snack cupboard is buffet style and because I closely resemble his mother.  But, I'm pretty okay with that.  He is as chary with his affections as my little girls are and were.  

They too blossomed unhurriedly, in much the same wholesome way a brook doesn't seem to hurry along.  What a treasure to have this verdure so close to our place.  

And, hey, do you recognize that bridge?  

Yep, it's still standing.  Huck Finn is clearly impressed with its engineering.

Happy Tuesday, friends!