Friday, June 9, 2017

Life with the Lovelies Lately

It seems like life around here is anything but normal, but as my dad used to say, "Normal is just a setting on your dryer."  How bout a peek into life around here lately?

I gave my dog, Jake, a vinegar bath today to help with some minor fungal skin irritations.  I guess I'm "crunchy" like that.  While I wait for his Alaskan-worthy fur coat to dry, I can't stand the smell of him.  I've dubbed him "Win-e-gar," in honor of the Pennsylvania Dutch pronunciation of vinegar and now I'm whispering my usual doggie-sweet-nothings to him from afar.  #poorjake  #youllthankmeintheend  Vinegar dries odor-less, in case you didn't know.

We lost a laying hen last week.  Our searches through the woods and under the porch turned up nothing, much to our surprise.  After a day and a half and giving up all hope, I was rummaging through some boxes in the basement, only to be ambushed by movement out of the corner of my eye.  YES, we found the prodigal layer in the basement.  After this, I shall be surprised at nothing.  #realmicrofarmlife

During our park playdate today, Blossom4 got a fat lip (again).  This, after missing the steps on the back porch yesterday and meeting them up close and personal, directly under her nose.  I hope we're not reliving the month of January, when she ended up with the shiner of a lifetime, a smoky kitchen and a smashed lamp, just to name a few.  At least she hasn't been eating ants lately... that I know of.

Blossom3 recently piped up, "We're Mennonite, aren't we?"  Much as I respect the Mennonites, I suspect this comment has more to do with the fact that she's had to rake and load a lot of bark lately, than anything else.  I've already mentioned that child work ethic is a big part of their childhood.  Frankly, I survived my childhood and I'm pretty sure they will too.  #meanmamamakesyouwork  #somuchbark

At our recent jaunt to a legendary book sale, the Blossoms were thrilled with all the books we snagged.  The book that elicited the most ecstatic response - - - a pet name book!!!  Yes, really.  Apparently, people actually publish stuff like that.  For the girlies, I guess the pet name book is highly useful for naming all the 4-H project animals that currently abide here.  Seriously, I've lost count.  And, I told the Blossoms, I think you just need to start praying for a barn and let God take care of the details.

Whilst typing this little ditty, I plopped my computer down on the floor and sprinted, bare-footed to the front porch in response to Blossom4's shriefs of terror.  I know that shriek; it means she's being intimidated or pursued by the rooster, King Crow.  Thankfully, she got away in time.  Frankly, if that rooster didn't demonstrate such selflessness on the flock's behalf, I'd slaughter him myself.  And yes, I know how.

Well, friends, I'm learning to "unpack my bags" and choose joy in every aspect and season of this life.  Reveling in the silly oddities of our life makes me smile in amusement, wonder a little at this life God has given us and get up to do it all over again tomorrow.