Sunday, June 14, 2015

King's Redemption

"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend." 

We arrived home last night to a neighbor's dog, harassing our chickens.  Our whole family joined in a rapid chase to rescue our precious "eggies" (egg-layers).  Although "King" has become slightly less beloved lately because of his propensity of taking advantage of small children, he proved his worth and mettle. 

When the flock panicked, King voluntarily became the decoy, leading the dog on a high-speed chase... and almost losing his life.  The dog had him, until King was able to wriggle free and find protective cover.  What an amazing display of self-sacrifice.  I had to eat my previous insults of "coward" (for intimidating small children) and "worthless."  He'd led the flock's greatest enemy far away from them, so they could live. 

With all hands on deck, we were finally able to catch the perpetrator and return him home safely. 

Then, (after some cuddles and praise from Blossom1 and the whole Blossom Bunch) King returned to the original spot of the chase and clucked and called to gather the thoroughly scattered hens.  Each one was eventually present and accounted for. 

What an amazing reminder of how God cares for us!  Jesus' life was sacrificed for our freedom from sin and its awful penalty.  And, then, when the flock (God's children) gets scattered, He has great compassion on us and gathers us to Himself. 

Nature, once again, reminds us of the Gospel - the Good News to us.