Sunday, June 21, 2015

Real fruit, not fruity fruit

Seems to me that the quiet (single) guys get the "shaft," the Christian shaft.  I mean, a Christian guy who is quiet gets underestimated and undervalued.  He's the guy that has no drama in his life.  His loves his Mom, his brother (or sister) and his Dad.  He doesn't switch jobs.  He's faithful.  He gets along with his co-workers and occasionally has conversations uncovering the lack of logic in atheism and defending Christianity.  No one ever knows that because he doesn't rattle his jaws about it to everyone.  He helps out when somebody needs a hand.  He's generous.  He probably isn't a deacon in the church he attends.  In fact, it likely takes years for him to say more than a few words to folks in the church foyer.  And some folks assume (that's the key right there) that he isn't a Christian.  If you asked him, he'd tell you he was a believer.  (Ahem, your profession of faith matters. See Romans 12:9) You all know I'm married.  I've just basically described my husband before we were dating/courting and then married.  He's the most faithful and Godly man I know. 

I've also just illustrated the plight of some quiet single guys who are faithfully serving God.  (I'm aware that this is not always the case.  My statements are not meant to be blanket, but to unveil a sad misunderstanding within some churches today.)  A few zealous Christians think that because a young man doesn't subscribe to their particular pet convictions, he isn't saved!  And we know from Matthew 7:17 that we can tell by their fruit.  That's what says if people are serving our Lord. 

Matthew 7:17
"Every good tree bears good fruit,
but every bad tree bears bad fruit."

What I'm trying to point out is that some people's definition of fruit is off.

Fruit doesn't mean that someone testifies in church every week.  It doesn't mean that they agree with all your pet convictions.  It doesn't mean that (gasp) they are at the church building every time it's open.  It doesn't mean that they shout amen or dance in front of folks.  The best description of fruit is found in Galatians 5:22-23,

"The fruit of the Spirit is LOVE, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control"...

The true fruit of the Spirit happens in your private life, quietly, day after day. 

I encourage you young lades to look for fruit, not boastful, loud fruit, but the quiet steady kind that happens daily.  It will be the best clue to what life with that young man will be like, day in, day out, year after year.