Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If you like Fancy Nancy...

Since we're pretty big Fancy Nancy fans around here, we thought we'd share some more fun books that fellow Fancy Nancy fans might like. 

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Tea for Ruby by Sarah Ferguson, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser
It's illustrated by Fancy Nancy's illustrator.  Ruby learns an important lesson about manners and courtesy.  I think I've got this book memorized and I don't even mind (most days) when I have to read it repeatedly.

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The Very Fairy Princess by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton
Blossom3 just discovered this book from our library.  It looks like there are several more in the series.  Being that Mommy (and most of the Blossoms) like anything related to Julie Andrews (does Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music ring a bell?), I can't wait to read more of these to the Blossoms.  This book has been on Blossom3's naptime pile of books for weeks now, right along with a Frozen book.  That's sayin' something.

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Nancy Clancy books by Jane O'Connor
Now that my Blossoms are getting older, we appreciate that Jane O'Connor has ventured into chapter books.  We don't have to leave Fancy Nancy behind.  She's just growing up too - with her most recent book out earlier this year!
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I love what good reading can do for children.  It's character formation where you least expect it!