Friday, June 12, 2015

With Your Words

I remember losing a baby a few years back.  It was, by far, the hardest time of my life.  But, when I'd open up and talk about what we were going through, I realized, just how much other people are struggling with their own very real trials.  One friend was having some heavy-duty parent-child struggles.  Another family member couldn't conceive.  Another friend was having breadwinner job troubles.  You don't realize the struggles, because most folks look fine on the outside. My own struggles made me look with a new compassion on the people around me.

It reminded me of the power of our words.  So many times our words bite and devour each other.  Why don't we realize the power of our words in the opposite direction?  Powerful words can build up a sister in the Lord.  Encouraging conversations can help the people around us have the strength for the next hour.  Uplifting and timely words can be the very answer that our friends need in their darkest hours.

Our words have the power to destroy a soul as delicate as a rosebud, or cause it to blossom and grow and keep standing tall in the storm.  The Sun will indeed shine again.