Friday, November 6, 2015

Quotable Quotes

#1 - "Don't kiss it, you're gonna eat it!" (referring to baby meat rabbits)
~ Mommy

#2 - "NO (livestock) animals on the table!"
~ Mommy, feeling like we're turning into the Kettle family.

(Ma Kettle swiping a chicken off the table as she sets it for dinner.)

#3 - "I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE rabbits, chickens and ducks, way more than cats.  Rabbits, chickens and ducks are way more cuddly."
~ Blossom2

#4 - "If you can't finish the animal choring in 30-40 minutes, I will set your alarm for earlier!!!"
~ Dragon Mama

(and then they did the chores in 20 minutes that morning.  Boom, baby!)

#5 - "Mama, we named the new litter of rabbits.  They are Salty, Pepper, Burnt, Gravy, Crispy, Roasted and Stewed."
~ Blossom1

#6 - "Mama, are we Amish?"
~ Blossom3
(The answer is no, of course.  In many ways, our lives parallel the Amish lifestyle, child work ethic being one of them.  AND, prior to asking me this, Blossom3 had just tied her kerchief on her head Amish work style and said she was pretending to be Amish.  I'm concluding she asked only for shock value as she followed the question with a hilarious giggle.  Additionally, I'm quite certain Blossom3 has overheard the Rugged Mountain Man and I refer to the inside joke at his workplace that HE is Amish.)

Have a happy day, friends!