Friday, November 27, 2015

Some good music

Friends, it's that time of year!!!!  I'm sure you're hard up for some terrific Christmas music.  In honor of that, I'm reposting this post.

So, I'm a Christmas lover.  I listen to Christmas music year round.  Really.  You can gag if you want, but how can you when those Christmas songs are so full of beautiful Christian doctrine and the miracle of His advent to Earth?  My soul swells with joy even now as I type.  (I'm serious.)  Being that I love the traditional Christmas songs, it stands to reason that I can't stand double and triple doses of santa songs and all the icky Santa Baby, Baby Its Cold Outside and other such nonsense.  Where to find a good station that plays what I like?  (And I know you're thinking why are you blogging about this now?  Just stay with me here.)  I found this station.  BLISS.  An excellent variety of Christian Christmas music!  And, the reason I'm blogging now, is because this station and I pretty much have a daily relationship now.  I love to set the mood when Daddy gets home from work or when Mommy needs to refocus.  I click to this station and VOILA!  When I'm more in the mood for something worshipful and calm, I click "Gentle Praise."  It's this gorgeous array of mostly instrumental praise and worship music, including some of my modern favorites like, "In Christ Alone!"  And, then, when I get into that Red-And-Green mood again, I click to "A Family Life Christmas" or "Peaceful Christmas."  What a blessing it has been!  Sometimes, we mommies just need a little help bring peace to the house again.  Why not try it yourself?