Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Just Keep Doing Something

I think I've written a number of times about the Blossoms' personal devotions and the devotional time I have with them in the morning. 

Through my own experience and words, I've encouraged you to use the tools that are available to us.  I've also shared the Bible Story Books and devotion books that we've used at various times.  I've shared that Mommies need to adapt, adapt, adapt, when it comes to the constantly changing schedules and demands that go with having children.  I've encouraged you to just keep trying.  If something is important to you, don't give up, just because it isn't working the way you envision it to work right now.  Keep trying!  I've reminded you that if you're too busy for devotions, you're too busy.  (I know it's a hard word, but it's a much-needed word these days, and one that impacted me, as well.) 

When it comes to devotions with your kids, just keep doing something. 

My Dad sometimes says to employees who are standing around, "Do something, even if it's wrong." 

The point here is, at least you're trying.

I'm not talking about a half-hearted attempt, coupled with a bad attitude.  You may not know the exactly correct or perfect thing to do, but just do something.

Raising kids in this world is a faith venture.  No one has a formula for "baking the perfect cookie."  So, we step out in faith, doing our best to train up children in the way they should go.  That training is really a collection of practical things to further the Faith in their lives. 

I shared above so many of the things that God has used to help our devotional times. 

Right now, we're using Keys for Kids.  I discovered that you can actually receive it daily to your inbox for free, if you don't feel like paying the small charge to have it mailed to you.  Keys for Kids are really just parables and stories for a younger audience.  If you read the scriptures outlined at the top, your children will get a decent chunk of the Bible too.  (The girls liked Keys for Kids so much that they read the whole book in their free time!)

We will probably not always use Keys for Kids, just like we didn't always use these Bible story and devotion books.  I've learned to be ok with change, because I'm determined that by God's grace, we'll just keep doing something.