Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hike a Mountain; Learn about God's Character

The girls and I have been thoroughly enjoying the unseasonably warm days that have been smattered here and there across our early November weeks. 

It's been refreshing to get outside, to breathe the fresh air and to see God's handiwork.  It's one of the best ways for children to get to know God.  His handiwork has His character written all over it. 

In His creation, children (and adults!) learn that God is big, because they can see His vastness with their own two eyes. 
They learn that He cares, because it is obvious that He put it there for them to enjoy, because He knows each sparrow that falls. 
They learn that He is orderly, because it is obvious that this Earth was not an accident.  Each season, each creature, each plant has an orderly life cycle. 
They can see that He is powerful, by the miracles in the life cycle of a leaf or the splendor of a mountain view. 
They pause for a moment and know, deep in their own spirits, that He is truly present; something we can tell them, but they can only truly know by the Holy Spirit's revelation to their own spirit. 
They too lift up their eyes to the hills; from the hills comes their Help, to quote the Psalmist poet. 
So many lessons from a few hours in His world. 


Another lesson for children in hiking, is learning to press through difficulty. 

This hike was SO gorgeous and entirely worth the effort.  However, my sister, my friend and I decided that it wasn't really child friendly.  We each carried our youngest on our backs.  As there was excessive erosion on the trails, the trail was exceedingly rocky and somewhat steep.  Progress was slow and nerve-wracking at times. 

Still, we powered through and enjoyed ice cream afterward. 

Get out in God's world and let Him reveal Himself to you and your children.