Sunday, November 22, 2015

If you stopped by and had tea with me today, I'm sure we'd get to talking about things that have been inspiring us lately.

I've been inspired by a friend of mine who previously struggled with knowing her life's purpose.  In having children, raising them for Christ and homeschooling, her purpose has become crystal clear.  The beautiful thing about God's will for each of us personally, is that He supplies (abundantly) the grace needed to do His will.  It rarely is easy, but we are not alone AND we are thoroughly equipped to do it.  I derive so much comfort from the fact that whatever it is God wants me to do, He comes alongside me, helps me and equips me, as well.

I've been inspired by a mom blogger of a large family, to know my family's vision and to make purposeful decisions that align with that vision. I would love for this little blog to inspire someone to do the same.  I feel like the "keepers at home" concept of Titus 2 is dying off.  Can I just share with you the joy of being a keeper at home with the girlies?  There is loads of work, but I get to be here to take care of our home!  I get to make this place a haven.  The peaceful place I imagine, I can make it come into existence.  I have the privilege of being here to educate our daughters, to teach them life lessons, to live out our faith in front of them.  

I may be tired, but my heart is at peace.  

I can look back over the last 10 years of my stay-at-home career with very few regrets.  I was here.  With them.  Being Jesus to them.  Nobody could do a better job, because God gave this job to me.  

I'm not super mom.  

I'm Dominique, loving Jesus, taking care of the girlies and this home.  

I try to please God.  I go to bed exhausted and then I get up again to try to please God in another day.  It's a good life.

The best definition of a good life is being in the will of God.

Not more money.
Not a bigger data plan.
Not the perfect house.
Not over-achieving kids.
Not a crazy schedule.

It's being in the will of God.  

What will you sacrifice this week to be in the will of God?